9 Biggest Challenges of Starting a Fitness Business

Jan 27, 2022

Starting a new fitness business can always be quite challenging, but when you’re looking into opening up your gym, the challenges are even more significant than you can imagine. From finding the right location, securing the financials, to designing an inspiring space for fitness enthusiasts to work out – there are many hurdles to overcome to find success in this field.

However, if you have what it takes to be both an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast, read on! Listed below are some of the biggest challenges that any gym owner needs to overcome before finding success in their endeavor for a successful business in a fitness industry.

Choosing the right location for fitness business

The place where your gym is located can make or break your fitness business. You’ll need to find a spot that’s easy to find, has ample parking, and is close to public transportation. It will also be beneficial if there are other popular businesses nearby like restaurants or coffee shops, as these can attract new customers for you.

Finding clients/members

The biggest challenge for any gym is constantly getting new members. It can be tough to set yourself apart from the competition, especially when there are so many gyms in every part of the city. You’ll need to have an effective marketing and customer engagement strategy in place to attract new clients and keep them coming back for more. With time customer retention becomes a huge challenge. So you need to ensure that your services and facilities are top-notch so that people are always happy with their experience and willing to refer it to their friends and family.

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Securing finances

You’ll need to have some serious capital behind you to open up a gym. It can be difficult to come by, especially in the early stages of your business. You’ll need to have a sound fitness business plan and prove that your gym will be profitable in the near future to secure the necessary funding.

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar market, so there’s definitely room for a new player. If you can show that you have a well-thought-out business plan and that there’s enough merit for your fitness business, you have a good chance of securing the necessary investment. 

Managing finances/costs

Securing finances is one side of the coin, whereas managing it is the other. You must make sure that you charge the correct fee and collect it from your clients on time. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your fitness business running smoothly and profitably for years to come. 

Additionally, you should incorporate a sound failed payment management system to avoid member terminations. At First Credit Services, we have 25 years of experience as a debt collection agency and have successfully implemented a system that helps fix up to 80% of your members’ failed payments. 

Building a team of experts

As a gym owner, it’s necessary to surround yourself with a team of experts who can help you run your business efficiently. You need to start hiring qualified personal trainers, nutritionists, and the right marketing professionals. By doing so, you will be able to delegate the tasks that you’re not particularly strong in and focus your time on other aspects of your fitness business.

Dealing with competition in fitness industry

As we mentioned before, the fitness industry is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the pack. This means you’ll need to have a unique selling proposition that makes your gym stand out from the rest. Whether it’s providing top-of-the-line equipment or offering affordable prices, you’ll need to find a way to attract and engage your target audience.

Getting members results

For a fitness business to be profitable, you need to keep your members happy and content with your services. This can be in the form of gym loyalty programs, discount codes, or complimentary personal training sessions. When your existing members are happy, they will refer more people to you. Referral business always converts much faster than cold leads.

Dealing with setbacks

Finally, you will encounter setbacks when owning a gym – it’s inevitable! These can come in various forms, such as a downturn in the economy that affects people’s discretionary spending or a natural disaster that forces your gym to close its doors temporarily. The key is to be agile while having a solid future business plan to help you overcome these setbacks and continue moving forward.


Although these challenges can be daunting, you can overcome them with the right amount of hard work and proper management skills. By working with the right team, staying focused on your goals, and overcoming hurdles as they come your way, you’ll be able to own and run a successful fitness business for many years to come.

If you are prepared for these challenges that come with owning a gym, your fitness business will soon be on its way to success. So get out there and start changing lives!

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